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Important Note for Exhibitors

1. The allotment of First Preference Stall is done on "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED" Basis, and on the receipt of the payment into IEML Account. In case your preferred stall options are unavailable, Then an alternative allotment option shall be given through email.

2. The process for booking a booth in both Hall 4 and Hall 5 is the same. Please click here to know more.

3. Please note that there is no additional cost to relocate within the same hall.

4. If Any exhibitor from Hall 4 wishes to Relocate to Hall 5, then a Relocation Charge of 25% of the currently booked booth charge + GST will have to be paid additionally as a relocation charge. This amount has to be paid along with the new booth booking fee, prior to the allotment.

5. The Payment schedule for the booth booking will be will be as below

a. 50% of Total Cost + 18% GST along with the application form.

b. 25% of Total Cost + 18% GST by 04-Nov-2023.

c. 25% of Total Cost + 18% GST by 04-Jan-2024.